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Omran Tech..

We are OmranTech Group for Industry. Through our group, we carry out architectural contracting works. and architectural engineering consultancy, And the workshop of carpentry, decoration, interior and exterior finishes, and each of them is divided into its own section, and all of these departments carry high competencies in the implementation of works.

Our vision

Our vision is reflected in our constant work to achieve a prestigious position. In this field, we look forward to being a criterion for measuring the level of success and excellence. We believe that the possibilities of development, innovation, and excellent completion of projects go hand in hand with building a successful model in the engineering sector.

Our message

We seek to create successful relationships derived from our customers by providing everything that is distinctive and unique and exceeding the level of expectations in order to embody our mission in leadership and providing design and project management services.

Our core values


Constant striving for excellence in what We do it by maximizing our skills, and continuous improvement For our business to reach excellence The quality of our services


Take responsibility for our word our actions, Which confirms Our commitment to keeping our promises


Everything we do stems from Our true passion for business Which gives us a strong motivation For success extends beyond from making profits


We seek full compliance With all the pledges and agreements that we conclude it, As well as compliance with all Laws and regulations