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Omran Tech Group Design & Building
The comprehensive solution for architectural projects.

As a leading group certified by reputable institutions, we specialize in modern construction techniques such as Cold-Formed Steel, Hollow Core Ceilings, and Precast.

We simplify the entire process from concept to completion. With us, you have access to innovative design ideas, seamless coordination, and expert execution.

We are committed to being your trusted partner in turning your architectural vision into reality. From initial idea to final implementation, Omran Tech Group is the single point of contact you need for a successful architectural project.

Experience peace of mind as we handle every aspect, providing you with everything you need under one roof.

Our vision

Our vision is reflected in our constant work to achieve a prestigious position. In this field, we look forward to being a criterion for measuring the level of success and excellence. We believe that the possibilities of development, innovation, and excellent completion of projects go hand in hand with building a successful model in the engineering sector.

Our message

We seek to create successful relationships derived from our customers by providing everything that is distinctive and unique and exceeding the level of expectations in order to embody our mission in leadership and providing design and project management services.

Our core values


We place excellence as one of our core values. We believe in the importance of sustainable development and providing exceptional services and innovative solutions to our customers.


We believe in the importance of doing business in a transparent and ethical manner, Whether it's dealing with our customers, partners or the communities we serve.


Everything we do stems from Our true passion for business Which gives us a strong motivation For success extends beyond from making profits


We endeavor to comply fully with all commitments and agreements we enter into, as well as to comply with all laws and regulations.