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Hakim Al Emaar Workshop

Interior finishes, woodwork and décor are an essential part of the interior fit-out process. These works need distinctive artistic touches from a skilled and elaborate workforce, To ensure amazing results. We believe in the importance of quality in the implementation of these works, Where the workmanship of the worker is not only in detailing and finishing, But also at the different stages that the project goes through.

Our team consists of artisans and artists with experience in the field of interior finishes, wood and decoration. We are keen to choose the best materials and tools, including WPC and UPVC for the manufacture of doors and windows to ensure the quality of work, We also pay great attention to the smallest details to add wonderful touches to all the projects we are working on.

Whether you are looking for interior finishes, modern decorations or unique wooden designs, Our team is ready to turn your vision into reality. We guarantee the quality of work and customer satisfaction, We always strive to provide the best services in the field of interior finishes, wood and decoration.

Omran Tech..

We are OmranTech Group for Industry. Through our group, we carry out architectural contracting works. and architectural engineering consultancy, And the workshop of carpentry, decoration, interior and exterior finishes, and each of them is divided into its own section, and all of these departments carry high competencies in the implementation of works

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What sets us apart

Our vision is reflected in our constant work to achieve a prestigious position. In this field, we look forward to being a criterion for measuring the level of success and excellence. We believe that the possibilities of development, innovation, and excellent completion of projects go hand in hand with building a successful model in the engineering sector.