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Hakeem Al Emaar Architectural Contracting

Hakim Al-Emmar Architectural Contracting Establishment stands out from other institutions in various aspects, making it a notable player in the architectural industry. We are committed to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and reflect it in our business and services. We are keen to apply modern construction techniques in all our projects, Such as Light Steel Structure, Hollow Core, and Precast.
In addition, Our organization includes an experienced and competent team in the architectural field, Our team is dedicated to providing the best project construction services. also We are keen on continuous communication with our customers to ensure that their desires and aspirations are met.

Our services

This is the range of services provided by Hakeem Al Emar Architectural Contracting

Omran Tech (Innovate, Design and Build).

We are Omran Tech Group Iinnovate, Design and Build. A leading group in the field of Architecture Engineering. We specialize in Modern Construction Technologies (Light Steel Structure – Hollow-Core – Precast Concrete). We execute all types of Architectural Contracting, Engineering and Safety Consulting, Cold Formed Steel production, Aluminum and Glass Manufacturing, Carpentry workshop, Decoration and Interior and Exterior Finishes, and each of them is divided into its own section, and all of these departments carry high competencies in the implementation of works.