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LGS Machine

At Omran Tech Group, we are distinguished by keeping pace with everything new in the field of construction, so we are proud of manufacturing LGS, This technique has recently become widespread in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf in general. This spread is due to the benefits of LGS in the field of construction, It contributes to increasing the speed of implementation and reducing costs, In addition to its interesting properties such as sound insulation and resistance to wind, fire and mold. All these advantages make the use of Light Gauge Steel the ideal choice in the construction building sector.

At Imran Tech Group, we partner with Scottsdale Machines in New Zealand to supply these machines to factories.
Our modern machines come in profile size 14 – 9 cm, It shall include all necessary attachments, In addition to the iron holder and accessories for maintenance.

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Explanatory video of the work of Light Gauge Steel machine

We present to you a video explaining how a Light Gauge Steel machine works. This video will accompany you step-by-step in understanding all aspects of the manufacturing process of this modern and advanced technology.