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Pool Installation & Construction Services

Indulge in absolute relaxation with the Swimming Pool Department at Hakeem Al Emaar. Our team of experts provides construction, extension and installation of equipment to plumbing, maintenance and cleaning using the latest technology and tools to create a beautiful and comfortable environment. With us you will get the best of both worlds – great service and amazing results

Our services include:

  • Swimming pool construction and equipment installing
  • Internal and external wiring
  • Construction and installation of Waterfalls and Fountains
  • Construction and installation of Steam Rooms
  • Construction and installation of Jacuzzi’s
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning services

Omran Tech..

We are OmranTech Group for Industry. Through our group, we carry out architectural contracting works. and architectural engineering consultancy, And the carpentry workshop, decoration and interior and exterior finishes, each of which is divided into its section, and all those sections carry high competencies in the implementation of works.

What sets us apart

Our vision is reflected in our constant work to achieve a prestigious position. In this field, we look forward to being a criterion for measuring the level of success and excellence. We believe that the possibilities of development, innovation, and excellent completion of projects go hand in hand with building a successful model in the engineering sector.