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Sayyid Ali Busbit Mosque

Project Description

Our latest distinguished projects: Design and construction of Sheikh Ali Buspit Mosque using modern construction techniques. As Omran Tech Group Company, We have extensive experience in the field of design and construction, Our specialized team has applied the latest technologies to add splendor to this project.

This mosque included the use of a Holocor prefabricated roof system. Which is considered an effective solution for obtaining high-quality roofs and superior performance. also The brick system was used to add a special charm to the design of the mosque. The BRICS system is considered one of the innovative techniques in architecture. It is used to add wonderful decorative elements and unique architectural details.

As a luxury project, The mosque has been finished with the highest level of detail and quality. High-quality building and finishing materials were used to give the place a super-luxe touch. We are proud to present this mosque as a wonderful addition to the city, It combines modern design with cultural traditions.

Thanks to our experience in design and construction, We were able to achieve a great vision in this project. We always make sure to provide our clients with the best quality and latest technology in all our projects.

The project was completed in the Eastern Province on June 12, 2022, at a cost of 3 million