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Anime Town Boulevard, Riyadh

Anime Town Boulevard, Riyadh

Project Description

Omran Tech Group is the company responsible for building the “Anime Town” project in the Boulevard area of ​​Riyadh. It is a project characterized by the use of modern and innovative building techniques in construction and the use of cladding facades.

The modern construction technologies used by Omran Tech Group are of great interest in the construction sector. It contributes to creating unique and high-quality urban environments. This is evidenced by the fact that these techniques retain the traditional origins of building. Such as the use of sustainable materials and innovative methods of insulation and preservation to make the best use of sustainability.

Beside that, “Anime Town” is a pioneering project that embodies a future vision for images of towers in the city. This project demonstrates the use of modern construction to create stunning cladding facades that reflect technological development and innovation in the construction industry.

Omran Tech Group is committed to providing the best quality in the projects it undertakes. By using the latest technologies and innovations in the field of construction. “Anime Town” is a living example of this innovative spirit and future vision of Omran Tech in the construction industry..