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Environmental Services Supporting Testing Company

The Environmental Services Supporting Testing Company, Thanks to its extensive experience in geotechnical investigations, materials testing and surveys, Dedicated to serving a variety of customers. Our laboratory offers a comprehensive range of tests, Including material quality assessments for sand, aggregate, concrete, asphalt and others. All tests are carried out in strict compliance with established quality standards.

We provide our services specifically to clients who hold government contracts and are involved in various aspects of construction projects. This includes contractors, consultants and organizations interested in the field of building materials at the level of building construction or road infrastructure within cities.

At ESSCO, We prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to provide exceptional services that meet their specific needs. Whether you need geotechnical investigations or material testing for your project, Our experienced team is ready to help you every step of the way.

Our services

This is our range of services

Material testing includes:


Soil and aggregates:


Soil testing includes:

What sets us apart

Our vision is reflected in our constant work to achieve a prestigious position. In this field, we look forward to being a criterion for measuring the level of success and excellence. We believe that the possibilities of development, innovation, and excellent completion of projects go hand in hand with building a successful model in the engineering sector.