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Omran Tech Group wins the Best Contractor 2023 award in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Architectural contracting in the Omran Tech Group was able to achieve an important achievement by obtaining second place in the Excellence Awards in the contracting sector as the best emerging company among contractors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Sponsored by the Saudi Contractors Authority. This win is a tribute to the quality and innovation that we strive to achieve in the field of contracting

Beside that, Receiving this award demonstrates our determination to develop the contracting industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We believe in the important role of the contracting sector in achieving the 2030 vision for sustainability and development. Thus, we harness all our capabilities to improve the performance of this industry and contribute to turning Vision 2030 into a tangible reality.

Our praise for the quality of our work and our commitment to innovation in the field of contracting is only the beginning of our journey towards excellence and sustainable development. We strive to remain at the forefront of companies in the contracting sector. And to continue to achieve new innovations and bring about positive change in this vital industry.

Thanks to a qualified and experienced work team, Omran Tech Group has succeeded in building a proven track record of successful projects that have witnessed exceptional innovations. We always maintain our commitment to the highest level of quality in the world of construction.